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Life is harder alone.
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Join thousands getting support through our anonymous audio social platform for mental health.

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Why you should get Kompani?

Don’t negotiate your mental health and well-being. Here is what KOMPANI, Your #1 social and well-being App, offers

🌐 Unleash Your
Authentic Self

Connect with individuals looking after their mental health through our audio social platform and power your confidence.

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💬 Anonymous Chats

Kompani App’s anonymity feature powers self-expression and opens the floor for social & helpful conversations through chats and timed audio calls.

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🤝 Find your tribe

Forge connections that last through personal chats and. Choose communities that empower your journey and spark your fire.

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A Discrimination Free Zone

Conversations on Kompani are helpful, respectful and cordial. Our platform is a safe space for everyone to connect, bond and feel better. There is something for everyone.

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We Know You Have Questions, We Have Answers

  • What is Kompani?

    Kompani is an anonymous audio social platform for mental health and wellness management. We built the community for you to connect, chat & share without discrimination.

  • Is it safe to use Kompani?

    100%. Kompani is built to serve a purpose: give you a voice in a noisy world and help you live a happier lifestyle. We implement new techniques to protect you from time-to-time.

  • What makes Kompani different?

    Kompani is both a social and mental health management application. It offers personal connections through private chats and community engagement through scheduled, timed calls. More to come… download our app and watch out!

  • Do I have to upload pictures?

    They are not necessary to use the Kompani App. We want you to be guilt-free when sharing on Kompani App, as we want your authentic self to come forth.

  • Who decides changes in Kompani?

    You - our community member. We built this for you and are counting on your support to make Kompani, Your #1 audio social and well-being app, better. You can report a problem or submit a feature request in-app or here.

“At Kompani, we believe everyone deserves a happier and more productive lifestyle”

We support deeply personal complexities and are building technology that works for you - whoever you are, wherever you are -  every day and every time.

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