Why you should join Kompani

Some of the reasons why you should join us

🌐Unleash Your Authentic Self

Filters and fake personas are so yesterday. At Kompani, the real YOU – unfiltered and uniquely remarkable – is all that matters. Connect with individuals who crave genuine conversations off the quality of your mind and heart and thrive on authentic connections.

💬Chat Anonymously, Feel Empowered

Ever wanted to share your thoughts but feared being stigmatised? Our anonymous feature lets you express yourself without the fear of judgment. Kompani gets you heard and cared for.

🤝Find Your Tribe

Being a lone wolf is cool; you know what’s way cooler? Finding the people who just "get" you; those who have walked or are walking in your shoes. Forge connections on Circless that would last a lifetime, and surround yourself with friends who uplift and inspire.

✨A Discrimination-Free Zone

Conversations on Kompani are respectful and cordial. Our platform is a safe space for everyone to connect, bond, chat, and flourish.

About Us

KOMPANI is different from your typical social network. We believe everyone deserves genuine connection, companionship, and a chance at self-expression. We support deeply personal complexities and are building technology that works for the people - every day and every time - in this new age. Join us


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We know you have questions, we have answers

Kompani is an anonymous audio social platform to connect, chat & find companionship without discrimination. We aim for you to find your voice and get listened to and cared for.

No. Kompani cares about your authentic, and unfiltered self. Find companionship based on the content of your heart and mind.

100%. Kompani is built to serve a purpose: protect you and help you live a socially supportive lifestyle. To prevent bots and manipulation, we may require you to verify your account.

You - the user. Yes, Kompani is designed to work for you, and only you can determine what it becomes. We are counting on your support to make this better. You can submit a feature request here